Welcome to Boy Scout Troop 494! We are located at St. Paul's Catholic Church, 21650 W 115th Ter, Olathe, KS 66061. We meet every Monday evening at 7pm.

A Boy Scout Troop is only as successful as its Scouts. We expect that a Scout will follow the Boy Scout Oath and Law, not only in troop activities, but also in everyday life. We will encourage each Scout to get the most out of the Scouting experience.  At Troop 494 we will have hikes, campouts, summer camp, high adventure trips and other advancement opportunities. Our weekly meetings will normally be geared to a monthly theme culminating in an outdoor activity.

BSA Troop 494 is made up of patrols, groups of boys ranging in numbers up to ten.  These patrols are the strength of the Scouting movement. We will encourage the patrols to help the Scout with his advancement. The Patrol Leader’s Council (PLC) will assist with that task. The PLC is made up of the Senior Patrol Leader, Assistant Senior Patrol Leader, and all of the Patrol Leaders. They set the program, i.e., monthly themes, where to camp, and what activities will take place at the weekly meetings. The Scoutmaster, Troop Scribe, and the Troop Quartermaster also sit in on the monthly PLC meeting, but have no vote, although the Scoutmaster does have veto power on anything inappropriate.

Adults provide valuable resources for a Boy Scout Troop, such as transportation, Merit Badge Counseling, finance, guidance and encouragement. All activities must be attended by at least two adult leaders. Adult Leader Training will help an adult understand the aims and methods of Scouting and is strongly encouraged. Adults have as much fun as the boys.

In conclusion, Scouting is for the boys. With adult guidance, the boy learns leadership through the setting of meetings, teaching skills, and the accomplishment of goals. Most of all, regardless of your age, Scouting is fun! 

Troop Meeting 08/26/19

Posted on Aug 25 2019 - 10:19pm

Hello, Troop 494 this is an announcement talking about this Monday's meeting. 

At this meeting we will be choosing,

- New patrol leaders
- Assigning jobs of responsibility 
- I will be assigning a new A.S.P.L
- Announcing new A.S.P.L

Make sure you show up to this meeting if you want to be an A.S.P.L and also make sure you show up to get the job of responsibility you want.
We will also be having a guest visit the troop.

Cole Behrman

Sent by Troop Webmaster and ASM,
Yours in Scouting,
Adrian M. Ross

Troop Weekly Notes

Posted by rmarlette on Aug 1 2018 - 7:25pm

This coming Monday, August 6th is a manditory meeting for all scouts.  We have one candidate that qualifies for OA elections so we need everyone to attend please.  A visiting troop will be attending to conduct the elections and if we do not meet the minimum requirement for attendence they will not be pleased so please be there by 7pm.  Thank you.


Posted by rmarlette on Jul 12 2018 - 9:27pm

The trailer clean out has changed to Sunday at 11am at the Finlen Estate.  JT will be sending out more detailed information.  Mondays meeting will be checking in for summercamp.  Bring all of your paperwork that has not already been turned in such as medical form WITH FRONT AND BACK COPIES OF INSURANCE CARDS, Rx drugs as well as OTC medications and disbursment forms (keep items that need to be refrigerated with you until Tuesday morning checkin), spending money for at camp and merit badge fees, (have an additional $10 for pizza), locked camp boxes with all your gear packed ESPECIALLY YOUR SCOUT BOOKS.  Bring a copy of your combination and/or key to be kept by the leaders in case yours are lost or forgotten.  You will be wearing your class A with scarves and coups while traveling so DO NOT PACK THEM IN YOUR SCOUT BOX.  You may wear your swim trunks while traveling.  If not be sure to pack them on top where they will be easy to get. Tuesday be at the church at 7am to finish checking in and loading the trailer.  We will be leaving at 9am.  Contact. Mr. Behrman or Mr. Edmondson if you have any questions. DO NOT PACK YOUR CLASS A UNIFORM IN YOUR SCOUTBOX!!!

Troop 494 Weekly Announcements

Posted by rmarlette on Jun 26 2018 - 9:12pm

Along with equipment checkin this Monday it is also the final chance for rank advancement before the next Court of Honor.  Everyone needs to come and bring your books.  Also, we need to get signups for the Old 4th of July celebration fundraiser which takes place on July 5th at the Mahaffie Stage Coach and Farmstead.  The Northern Tier Crews will have some good stories about their High Adventure experience.

Troop 494 Weekly Notes

Posted on Jan 14 2018 - 7:27pm
We will meet Friday night at 5:30 at the Church  parking lot. We will leave at 6:00 pm  Be sure to eat before arriving at the church. We will be camping at Snow Creek.We will be tubing at Snow Creek - be sure to dress appropriately For winter weather including HATS AND GLOVES! Cost for each boy will be as follow: IF WE HAVE 15 OR MORE PARTICIPANTS SIGNED UP BY MONDAY NIGHT - $22.00 FOR 2 HOURS OR $37.00 FOR 4 HOUR, IF WE HAVE LESS THAN 15:  $28.00 FOR 2 HOURS OR $45.00 FOR 4 HOURS.There are no food dude fees. You will need to eat before arriving Friday night. We will stop at McDonalds for breakfast on Saturday morning So bring enough money for both the snack bar at snow creek and for breakfast in the morning. We will return on Saturday around 11:00 am  (the boys will call home about 1/2 hour before arriving at the church). Be sure to pack for winter weather and  bring gloves, hats and warm socks. As always, bring your water bottle and Handbook.


Troop 494 Weekly Notes

Posted on Oct 11 2017 - 10:34am

Reminder that all popcorn sales forms and money MUST be turned into our POPCORN Kernal this Monday, Oct. 16th at the troop meeting.  Monday's meeting will also include planning for the October campout and continued rank advancement.

BSA Troop # 494

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